The seminars are a venue for works in progress. The Center meets in a small room at the Newberry Library in Chicago, around a large table, with ten to twenty interested parties (professors, graduate students, independent scholars) attending.  We send the papers to those planning to participate about one month before each seminar date  to make sure that they can read each paper in advance. This allows full time for discussion during seminar meetings.  We are interested in papers that set forth topics in problematic form, posing questions that should be addressed, even when sources and circumstances do not allow succinct conclusions. Since papers are not read at the seminar, we ask paper-givers to present in about ten minutes a synopsis of their main idea  - and/or research difficulties - at the beginning of their session. The format has turned out to be quite useful not only to those attending but also to those presenting their work.

The seminars offers that rarest of opportunities, a chance for extended, informed feedback from colleagues working in similar fields.  At the same time they are open, public seminars and often attracts a few people simply intrigued by the particular topic.

Call for Papers 

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We were able in the past to reimburse part or all of the travel expenses of those presenters who lived far beyond the Midwest  Lodging was provided through the hospitality of Chicago-area seminar members.

The call for paper for the year 2010 will be announced online and sent by e-mail to the Center's subscribers some time in September or October 2009. Those interested in presenting a paper in the future should contact Samuel Kinser at