The general theme in 2005 was the same as the one pursued in 2004.

How have festive customs been influenced by the politically motivated interventions of individuals, interest groups, or institutions—including those making and acting in a given festivity themselves?


Sally-Beth MacLean, English Department, University of Toronto :

Lord Strange’s Men: Performance and Patronage in Elizabethan England.

James Riddle, English Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison :

Playing at the King’s Commandment: The 1487 Performance of York’s Corpus Christi Play.

                                        FRIDAY, APRIL 8

Samuel Kinser, History Department, Emeritus, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb :

African-Caribbeans' West Indian Day in Brooklyn.

Mitch Kachun, History Depatment, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo :

A Day upon which to Hurrah: Political Implications in African-American Emancipation Celebrations, 1915-1965.

                                      FRIDAY, APRIL 22.

Janet Afary, History Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette :

Turning a Trickster Figure from Performance to Politics: Newspaper Uses of Mullah Nasreddin in Early Twentieth-Century Iran.

Hakki Gurkas, History Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette :

The Nasreddin Hodja Festival in Aksehir, Turkey, Since 1959: The Trickster Becomes a Sage.

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